Alice in One-derland

My daughter recently turned one and had the most wonderful, whimsical, ‘Alice in One-derland’ themed party and cake smash. I spent months working on the decorations, planning the food all with the theme, even arranging a specially-made dress! And at the back of all that, Covid-19 threatened to cancel the party. But I managed to keep within the provincial guidelines (that kept getting tighter and tighter, with a 10 person limit) and we all had an amazing afternoon.

When I was a kid, I never had a party. I remember my birthdays were often overlooked, especially when I moved away and the older I got. That’s not to say I didn’t have a great and adventurous childhood, I just never had a birthday party! It wasn’t a thing for my parents and it seemed not for anyone else I met along the way. However, I do believe the day someone comes into this world should be celebrated. And I hope to make sure my daughter will always be celebrated on her very special day, even in a pandemic.

My aunt always said, “Life without the celebrations is like a flat line on a heart monitor.” You must celebrate even the small wins because it’s these moments you look back on at the end, and they break up the mundane, the beige.

For my daughter’s birthday, I had a variety of games both adults and children could play that included; pin the tail on the ‘white rabbit,’ and toss the tea cozy into the teapot, with some light party music on in the background.

The food included what you would expect at a tea party, a variety of tea sandwiches, fruit, snacks, including a candy buffet, and pizza! And lots of bubbly champagne drinks, and kid-friendly stuff – all incorporating the theme.

And I kicked everything off with a fanciful and special invite.

The theme for the next birthday, well, I haven’t decided on it yet. Any ideas?

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