Spending more time in nature

It’s been a while since writing a post on this dusty old blog. I have been so busy looking after my daughter and juggling everything else in between, and travel in a pandemic has not been on my radar (this is primarily a travel blog). But I have some fantastic surprises in store, so keep an eye out for the odd travel or rather ‘staycation’ post, which is all about supporting local business!

On a different note, what is with people (online) these days?? Seriously. Has this pandemic sent a vast majority mad? Words come to me, please. I truly believe social media is to blame for the hate, resentment, and bad manners running rampant behind screens these days because when I leave home and talk to people at face value, I see good still exists. Thank God.

No screens, just good people…

But the minute I log on to social media, it’s like all hell and fury – as if watching an episode of some dramatic English soap television show unfold. So I will get down to where I come from on this point.

I quietly corrected an acquaintance online for something that they have been banging on about for weeks which is not factually correct. But, unfortunately, instead of a civil conversation, this person immediately sent a seething private message and then deleted me without a breath of air. I never responded because, slight overreaction? My point is, when did social media become like this where instead of being joyous and celebrating one another, it became a platform to bash, hate, and condemn. Can we not be civil and respectfully still correct one another when we see a blatant mistruth or share different opinions and still be friends? Like those early days. I find it sad that social media has divided and isolated people instead of connecting and uniting, which it originally intended to do.

Maybe the next generation, my daughter, will put the final nail in the coffin, so to speak, with social media and find the joy of being out in nature and making an effort to hang out with people in person again instead of locked indoors behind screens.

Being a parent makes you reflect on many things, such as screen time, the perils of social media, and your childhood.

When I was a child, my parents opted in my early years not to have a television. Computers were not even a thing (and no, I am not that old!), and I spent my days playing outside, watching monkeys swing from the branches of trees, zebras trot across dusty roads, birds squawking – you get the picture of living in South Africa. I know my daughter won’t have this same wonderful life, but heck, I can certainly make an effort as a parent to give her maybe an even better life? Let’s hope.

So this brings me back to the beginning of this post. While I will still try to update this blog – since I am paying for it – I plan to get out more and enjoy life instead of waste this precious time behind a screen. Life is too damn short to not “seize every moment,” as my wise aunty always said (Aunty Emily, your wisdom lives on).

Lets all laugh and laugh out loud, dance in the rain, enjoy the sunshine, listen to the sounds of nature, feel the fresh air on your skin, do a good deed, stress and worry less, put family first above all else, support local businesses (I have some fun stuff planned for this little family of mine), and most of all, be kind.

I’m off now to soak in the scenes of the sea, a park, get my daughter outside and be the best parent I can possibly be. Man, I love this little kid of mine. Love, love, love her like no other. She’s Awesome. Yes, capital ‘A’ right there. My heart is full, overflowing in fact with love and pure joy, because of her. xx