Trip cancelled because of COVID-19

At the start of this year, I booked a fantastic trip to England, Germany, Austria, and Liechtenstein. My husband Terry and I were going to visit family and friends we hadn’t seen in more than three years (last time at a funeral) and then celebrate our birthdays in Europe. Our adventure would take us to the fairytale castles, Alps, lakes, with the conclusion of staying in a castle that overlooks the mountains and a river.

photo of brown concrete buildings
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Today is my birthday. I’m working from home and, well, writing this blog post.

We cancelled our trip a few weeks ago when COVID-19 escalated into a pandemic. The trip cancellation was the morally right and responsible thing to do in light of the current climate, but certainly not easy. We’re now in the process of trying to get our money back.

I hope, like the rest of the world, life will soon get back to normal. Travel will resume, people will have jobs, trading continues, and most of all, everyone will have good health.