Go ahead, say no

Because you don’t owe anybody anything. Period.

To move forward with my writing I said, “Yes” to almost everything that came my way, whether good or bad.

For the most part it worked out. I went from an overshadowed writer that felt not even on the Totem pole, so to speak, to getting published in noteworthy organizations.

*Ironically when you feel like throwing in the towel, beaten down by life, that’s often when things turn around. Why is that?

But in my desperation to succeed, I also took on regretful – mammoth-sized – project(s) that were not suited to my writing style, with a joke for pay.

I’m sure many writers trying to get ahead in life can identify in some form.

If anything good came out of it, I will say the valuable lesson I learned: Go ahead, say no. The most powerful, refreshing little word that can give you the best peace of mind and freedom you can’t even imagine.

Make your own destiny because you will never be able to control people’s opinion of you, and you certainly don’t owe anybody anything.

For any writers out there struggling and feeling down with all the incredible competition, remember your worth. It’s perfectly okay to turn down projects. Sometimes for your own mental and physical health, the two-letter word “no” can be just the cure.