Prince Edward Island

Romantics have no trouble finding what they’re looking for in Prince Edward Island (P.E.I.). There are few more beautiful places in the world where you can almost feel the history echoing off the red sandstone cliffs. It was here, in 1864 that the idea to create Canada as we know it today was born.

Discover PEI

Despite being the smallest Canadian province, many visitors fulfill their dreams faithfully on this storybook Island. Lucy Maud Montgomery wrote about the landscape and culture in her much-loved book Anne of Green Gables.

“You never know what peace is until you walk on the shores or in the fields or along the winding red roads of Prince Edward Island…”

It offers an escape – in the true sense of the word – from the rest of the world, as my husband Terry and I have discovered.

We moved to PEI one year ago to escape the chaos of city life. It’s a decision that shocked our family and friends. After all, who buys a house – unseen – online and moves to a province they have never stepped foot on before? Well, that’s what Terry and I did. And we have never regretted this decision.

Terry and I are still stumbling on hidden gems and local curiosities. This is an Island deep-rooted in heritage, with an economy built from the soil, but still it falls under a laid-back spell.

Province of PEI