The worst climbing disaster in history was about to unfold…

Sitting on the SummitA must read book for any avid adventurer is, Left for Dead: My Journey Home From Everest, by Beck Weathers.

This humbling book will take you step-by-step to the summit of Mount Everest, thrilling and terrifying you at every turn of the page.

And just when you think the events on the Nepali “Sagarmatha”, translated as “Goddess of the Sky,” misadventure in 1996 can’t get any worse for this Texan… Beck will literally have you holding your breath.

There is a fine line between heroism and madness. Sometimes the two cross paths.

As Beck and his teammates close in on the summit, the temperature suddenly drops and clouds begin to swell and blacken. Seeing these events unfold, the climbers desperately try to crevasse down the jagged and exposed rock. But it turns into an epic struggle to survive.

Beck becomes separated from his team, and lost on the mountain. Eventually the teammates – running on empty oxygen tanks – stumble upon Becks frozen and lifeless body. It’s an horrific sight.

Beck is covered in ice, his eyes are frozen open and his one hand is blackened with frostbite. As his teammates discuss leaving his “dead” body behind, unable to respond, Beck is abandoned. For 14 hours he prays for death. Then Beck starts thinking about his family, and something remarkable happens…

Beck recounts, “I can tell you that some force within me rejected death at the last moment and then guided me, blind and stumbling — quite literally a dead man walking — into camp and the shaky start of my return to life.”

This resurrected book packs a punch. Beck is truly one bad-ass that will have you inspired with his absolute determination, endurance and human strength. It’s definitely a must-read that will make you think twice about life, family, and the simple things that we often take for granted.

“It seems trite to say that I live each day as if it’s my last, that the colours are brighter, the sense of the wind in your face is more intense. But it’s true, at least for a good part of every day, and that’s an exquisite pleasure.” – Beck Weathers

Author: Beck Weathers
Publisher: Dell
352 pages, paperback

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